So President Trump does not encourage people in this country to wear a mask to prevent getting, or spreading the Corona Virus.  Why not let him own his problem and not allow him to contaminate us with his psychological problems? or… are we a nation of infantile level of behavior, needing a leader to be a role model for us to do the right thing?

To be congruent with this line of thinking, for those of us who have a strong negative reaction when we see mindless people in rallies not wearing a mask, we should also let them own their problems; unfortunately, those who choose not to wear a mask for whatever reason, they are also making the choice for those around them who are doing the right thing by exercising prevention against the COVID-19.

Out of thousands of individuals participating in rallies, or any other gatherings, proudly showing their stupidity by generously spreading their germs to others, I wonder how many of their loved ones, their friends, their neighbors, or those they walk by in public places have been unfortunate enough to be contaminated by the actual virus, besides the mindless and reckless attitude of those, not only void of intelligence, common sense, not to mention void of a conscience.

Marcela Gaumer

Colorado Springs