Back in 1964, I worked as a Nurse’s Aide in a hospital in one of the major cities in this country. A particular patient I was to take care of was addicted to alcohol. To my surprise, I was instructed to notify the nurse when the patient demanded alcohol, so that she could calm him down by giving him a small alcoholic drink during my shift.

Today I have a better understanding of the meaning of addiction, whether to alcohol, drugs, food or power. Unfortunately, the concept of “enabling” today seems to be as antiquated as it was 57 years ago.

No wonder those of us who voted for our current president, after the clear signs were there, showing a man addicted to power and money. During the slow, but clear 4-year descent into madness, along with our president, denial became one of the strongest defense mechanisms some of us had to depend on, some more than others.

Now that medical science considers alcoholism to be, not only a psychological problem but a physiological one as well, Alcoholics Anonymous deems, not only the addicted person to suffer from the disease, but so do those around him, whether family members, friends, coworkers, etc.

As the social problems, tension, division and overall dysfunction increased, so did the support of Mr. Trump in different facets of the country. Was it among the uneducated? No! Was it among the spineless individuals who preferred to be members of the in-crowd to avoid being ostracized by their peers? Perhaps! Or were certain politicians themselves, in hopes of a hand out from their leader, in terms of power and status? Maybe that’s what this has been about all along, without excusing the other segments of society mentioned here.

Surely the former have nothing to gain now, but the need to reflect on their conscience. Although, the man at the top, their galvanizer, the one they support, he does not appear to have any conscience at all.

Come to think of it, if our president is, indeed, addicted to power, how will he be able to detox from it, now that every bit of his addicting substance is being stripped away from him? What medical aspect of science can we hope to intervene during his detoxing stage? Or, will it be more of the enabling aspect of his illness that will interfere, once again? If so, for how much longer?

For every one of us to get off the enabling wagon, we need to do our share, whether it is through prayer, writing to your city officials, calling radio stations, so that the next few days do not become another source of political unrest. Instead of simply watching the news, and being critical of what is happening in front of our eyes, let’s do something about it.

Less than a week may seem a short time in the scheme of things, but one day may enough to be destructive to self and others in the mind of the addict. Do you want to be one among the others?

It would be a miracle if Mr. Trump would choose to move on with dignity from this point on; unfortunately, he has not been one of a clear mind in all his time in power; much less is he now, when he sees himself as powerless, waiting, desperately, for that sip of power to be administered to him by whomever chooses to enable him.

Whatever happens from now on, please do not leave doors open for Trump to attempt to run for office ever again! Please!

Marcela Gaumer

Colorado Springs