Rep. Doug Lamborn

The answer to this question is actually very easy to answer.  Mr. Lamborn, is against anything that will assist the citizens and constituents of his district unless it is benefits and assists his major contributors:  the military industrial complex, big oil, big pharma, mining interests, big banking, real estate, etc., etc.  
He is also against Equality for citizens, Preserving the Environment and COVID-19 relief (unless it funnels money into the above industries), and all societal benefits.
But, he is for a balanced budget and fiscal restraint when he isn’t, i.e. tax cuts for billionaires, hedge fund managers, big oil, big pharma, mining interests, banks and real estate interests, etc. 
He is for honoring a hateful, detestable, insufferable, cruel, racist, fascist, homophobic, xenophobic, misogynist, fascist - Rush Limbaugh - whom he introduced a House Resolution to honor; not to mention, giving tours of a top secret military installation to seditious CO-3 Rep. Lauren Boebert!
He is also for trying to overturn the 2020 election in favor of Former President Trump; and tying himself to Mr. Trump and his treasonous, incitement of a domestic terrorism attach on January 6, 2021 on the Capitol.
He was so committed, devoted and linked to Former President Trump that he forgot that by not having a modicum of bipartisanship; it would result, if President lost the election; Colorado, in El Paso County and Colorado Springs – the geographical area he represents - NOT securing the Space Force headquarters (for which he spent the largest share of his time the last two years vying) for HIS DISTRICT.  Now, instead of trying to “reach across the aisle” (sic) - and do the right thing (sic) - he is generating a plethora of emails trying to demonstrate that he is still the same ole’ Doug and deflecting the facts, that aren’t in dispute, of his ineptness, ineffectiveness and incompetence.
But probably most egregious of all, he also forgot the “golden rule” in reference to the Space Command  and dealing with Former President Trump, which is:  “In the end Trump will eventually throw everyone under the bus” – and this included Congressman Lamborn – resulting in HIS DISTRICT LOSING the Space Force!  
BREAKING NEWS:  Esteemed Congressman Lamborn is so worried about irregularities in reporting COVID-19 deaths in nursing homes - in New York – a progressive BLUE state which he loathes - he is calling for an investigation by the Secretary of HHS!  Quite a transformation from his insisting COVID-19 is a hoax and having shown absolutely no interest in deaths from this pandemic in his district, the state of Colorado or for that matter the country; parroting the position and policy (sic) espoused by former president Trump.  Sad!
Perhaps a quote by Thomas Paine is appropriate here:  “To argue with a person who has renounced reason is like administrating medicine to the dead.” ‘Nuff Said!
It is time CO-5 sends Congressman Lamborn back to Kansas!
James M. Hesser
Colorado Springs
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